Bio - Christian L. Hall

My name is Christian Hall and I am married with 4 beautiful children. I love GOD! I am 40 years old and I have been working on my business since 1993.   I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and currently reside here.  I have always had a passion for comic books since I was a little boy.  I used to draw comic books with stick figures and read them to my family.  I have worked on this comic book for 15 years. I am the creator, the writer and I guess some would say a visionary. I can't draw, so I hired a professional to draw the book I am trying to introduce a new universe with new superheroes and super villians with different and amazing powers. "VASION" will be an ongoing series and the first three books are in 3 parts called "All Out War".  It has action from beginning to the end. This is just the appetizer! Coming soon.... previews directly from the book!